About Tracey

From the rolling hills of the Hudson Valley to the cozy corners of my design studio, my love for elegant stationery began with a childhood fascination for beautiful papers and the stories they could tell. Just like the days spent exploring our family farm with my boys or unwinding by the fire with a glass of pinot noir, every piece of stationery I create is infused with warmth, sincerity, and a touch of adventure.
My journey has been filled with personal growth and creativity - from leading an established design and production team at a nationwide print house to founding my own stationery studio for couples across the country. With each wedding invitation, save the date, and piece of day-of stationery, I don't just use premium papers, wax seals, and elegant embellishments; I weave in the essence of your unique love story, ensuring that every detail resonates with purpose and heartfelt care.
I believe that your wedding stationery is more than just paper - it's a reflection of your journey, a celebration of love, and a testament to the beauty of coming together. Let's create something that not only tells your story but also inspires joy, love, and a sense of connection in every delicate touch and glance.

Meet Tracey:

trip to our family cabin every year makes my heart happy.


years of expertise


kiddos keep me on my toes


Out of all the beautiful things I have created my two boys are by far the most precious and beautiful.


This man keeps me grounded all while keeping me on my toes every day!


My family and I travel every year, and I love learning about all the new and exciting places in the world.


We live on our farm in Clinton Corners (Hubby's childhood home) and have 2 family dogs, and a farm full of horses, cows, chicken, goats, geese, and a donkey! 


What I love most:


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